Monday, February 22, 2010

Squash Pictogram for 2010 Olympics

As a graphic designer, one of my favourite aspects of the Olympics is the pictograms that represent the individual sports. I was really hoping to see an official pictogram for squash this year but it wasn't to be.

"The Twenty-four sport pictograms and a series of sport illustrations for the 2010 Winter Games were revealed in September 2008 and were created by Dutch illustrator Irene Jacobs of I’m JAC Design. The pictograms depict the 2010 Winter Games sports using a simplified silhouette with small details depicting the dynamism of the athlete in motion." *

Here then is my interpretation of the Vancouver 2010 Pictogram for the sport of squash.

(Check out the official Vancouver 2010 pictograms here.)

My next exercise is to come up with the London 2012 pictogram for squash. Shouldn't be difficult as I'm a big fan of the 80's:) Here are their pictograms which were just revealed in October.

* Hey
Vanoc, why didn't you hire a Canadian to create these illustrations? Just askin'.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! We both wanted to see squash in the olympics (capitalization purposeful).

I wonder why so much of Canada's efforts in the olympics seemed to be paid to non-Canadian companies.