Thursday, June 26, 2008

More on goggles!

I should have just put this photo of myself up last week as a warning to wear your goggles. Much more effective imagery and less grief:) Kinda dramatic eh? With the lighting and all?

I remember exactly when this happened. I was having a post-match pint at the Denman Fitness in August of 2004 (!) when I happened to see a couple of new players chasing a cold ball around the court. I thought I would go down and show them some drills so that they could make the most of their 45 minutes and I could pass on what had been taught to me. Suffice to say I neglected to take my goggles onto the court: "I'm only going to show them some drills." The drill was practicing drives and length so I was very surprised when one of the guys tried to impress me with his cross court and ended up with his racquet meeting my face. "I'll get the ice!", he screamed as he ran off court.

I probably should have gotten stitches that night but the Canucks were on TV and I hadn't finished my pint. I really didn't want to sit in Emerg for three hours. If I had gone to see a professional I would definitely not have had to pull out a sliver of bumper guard two weeks later. Yep. That grossed the wife out for sure:)

This is the logo I designed as a result of my brush with disaster and, yes, I forgive you C:)

Do I need to mention that it's trademarked? Didn't think so.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Who needs goggles anyway?

If you haven't been hit in the face with a ball YET then you probably think you're going to be fine. Wrong. It's only a matter of time and let me tell you, you'll change your mind about the minor irritation of wearing goggles when you're recovering from the major irritation of swelling and stitches.

There are so many styles of goggles these days that you really have no excuse for not wearing them. I know a guy who wears a Ken Dryden mask! Dood is safe in that thing:) And you've probable seen those groovy wraparound shields that put RoboCop to shame. Well, in the spirit of summer cross-training, I've looked into what other sports are using to protect their peeps and this is the winner!

Ain't nothing getting through this cage. Not the ball or the racquet and not your mama neither. They come in pretty colours too!

You should know that the fellow in the photo above (Hi Owen!) wasn't wearing his goggles! He did want to mention that his opponent was drunk. Oh.

Anyway, first one to leave a comment telling me the sport these cage goggles came from wins a prize. Yay! (*Ed note: Greg, you've won. Now send us an email so we can get you your prize:)

Next up: The physics of squash. Sweet.

We'll post soon.

It's the summer.

We're outside. Cut us some slack. Jeez.