Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh no! Carolyn Russell, say it isn't so!

I just heard that one of my favourite squash players (and favourite people) has retired from the WISPA tour. Carolyn Russell's last pro tournament will be the 2010 Sun & Surf, where she lost in the quarter finals to the eventual winner, and it's only appropriate as Carolyn calls the Jericho Tennis Club her home club. (Read the official Squash Canada press release.)

For those of you who only know Carolyn from reading the information posted about her on WISPA's website she's much more than just 104th in the world AND a National Champion AND a two-time Pan Am Games gold medallist. She may be a 'Pegger but she's a household name and a dominant force in BC squash! She's been ranked the #1 women's players for at least the last two years and holds the current BC Open title.

If you've played squash in BC for a while you may have been privy to one of the most exciting local squash rivalries ever. Carolyn and her 2006 Women's Worlds Championship teammate Melanie Jans have battled countless times in the finals of BC tournaments and created some fantastic memories for this particular fan. (Carolyn, you know I secretly clapped for you all the time:) And who can ever forget "Russell-Vision"? I only mention it about once a week when I'm trying to convince a new player that it's in their best interest to watch their opponent. "Haven't you ever seen Carolyn Russell play? It's like she's got an owl's neck! Watch her poised on the T, with her head turned just so and her eyes on the other player. Always! She's got Russell-Vision dood."

Carolyn, on behalf of all BC squash players, I wish you all the best in the world in your new position at the Multi Sport Centre of Excellence Foundation.

On a personal note, I want to thank you for the time you generously gave me on court. (Remember that 45 minute court time where we managed to play best-of-five MATCHES? Nine straight games. Ouch:) You started me practicing my "figure-eights" and always encouraged me to strive for perfection.

I sincerely hope that you continue to play until I can join you in a real match in Div 1 one day.

Love Robert,
Your biggest secret fan.

Carolyn and her biggest secret fan at the Sun and Surf at the Jericho Tennis Club.

Carolyn and Melanie at a SportCentral exhibition match (2006)
At the 2006 Women's World Team Championships in Edmonton.

(L-R) Alana Miller, Melanie Jans, Carolyn Russell and Runa Reta

Getting ready for a match at the 2007 Nationals.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Zombie Squash Posters

I'm really liking the aesthetics of these two posters I found online. Minimalist colour and seriously graphic graphics:)

The first is from Portugal Squash which just underwent a rebranding by Feel Brand Management. Not sure if Feel is responsible for this particular poster which is for an event being hosted by Varzim Squash.

The Varzim poster reminds me of this event poster I designed in 2009 for the Bentall Athletic Centre's Halloween Open. At the time I remember worrying that blood splatter on a court wall might be pushing things! LOL

The second one comes from an event put on by the Griff Squash Club in Budapest:

The resolution isn't too hot but that green and blue logo looks familiar for some reason:) Karma?