Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I never really intended this blog to be so design-centric but I guess I can't help myself!

It seems that the World Squash Federation (not to be confused with the United Federation of Galactic Squash) has "updated" its logo. Yep, in an attempt, no doubt, to gain a little credibility in the eyes of the I.O.C. the WSF has moved away from the classic "Mollweide Projection"
(I didn't make that up) to a trendy, contemporary little ditty. Strikes me as change for change's sake.

While the old WSF logo may have look dated there was something comforting about it. It looked like the logo of a governing body. (Or a division of Pan Am airlines:) It said "GLOBAL" and that was good.

The new one doesn't:

Take the tagline off and this logo could be for anything. Will someone please explain the two blue fangs? (I know: "Whoosh!") And does anyone else read "W I S F"? What happened to the "W"?

I do like the colours so here's my suggestion. No charge. Update with the new colour scheme and reposition the ball so that the equator line isn't competing and voila! Groovy and trendy and I'm sure that
Jacques Rogge would approve.

Interestingly enough, I Googled to see if I could find out who designed the logo and no one is taking credit for it which makes me wonder. Anyone know who did it?

+ + +

On a related note, U.S. Squash has also recently updated their logo. Their old logo depicted a single old-school round headed racquet while their new one has two. That's progress.