Friday, February 29, 2008

Welcome to the Squash Republic Blog

Hello and welcome to the first posting on the spanky new Squash Republic blog.
Starting this week I will be posting a running commentary on all things squash.

As I live and play in Vancouver you'll excuse me if my comments tend to the provincial but there are so many other amazing sites and blogs that cover every aspect of professional men's and women's squash that I'll generally leave that to them. (We'll be posting links to them down the road.)

What can you expect from this blog? Hmm. . . Not too sure myself. I hope that my opinions will generate discussion and contribute to the growth of our game on a local and national level. If that sounds a little grandiose that's ok:) Maybe this blog will just serve as a sounding board and, if so, your comments will be integral.

I will be posting weekly, or bi-weekly, polls regarding our game and I will post the results on the Squash Republic site. Our first one is one that I haven't seen a good answer for: "Is squash truly an Olympic sport?" There's a lot going on in that question. See if you can vote with your head or if your heart gets in the way.

The revolution has begun anyway so why not join in?
Power to the player!

Robert Pacey