Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A squash player's Christmas list

The snow falling outside has reminded me that it's time to start shopping and that reminded me that not everyone knows what a squash player might need or want to find under their tree on Christmas morning. I personally haven't opened any well meant racquetball paraphernalia but I've heard many the sad tale.

1. A WISPA calendar!
This one is obviously for the boys but could be good, clean entertainment for the whole family! The days of the thong are long gone (can't believe I even mentioned it:).

Order yours at WISPA for only £12.25! Miss August is my personal fave:)

2. Lessons!
Holy moly do we need these! Find out where your love plays and get them a couple of lessons with their club pro - they'll love you for it and will have to thank you when they finally win something.

3. That groovy ball warmer thingy.
Remember this? We had a bunch of players asking where to get this beauty. Seems more of us would rather have a warm one in the bag than a cold one on court (or something like that:)

Get them for 10 Euros at Jet Bounce
and let us know how they work!

4. That new Jonathon Power DVD

He's my fave. Simple as that.
It's only $79.00 - go on o
rder it at JP

This instructional DVD has it all: 100 drills (!), a downloadable list to keep in your bag and commentary and demonstration by JP himself that explains the proper execution and goals of each drill.

I've got the one before this, "Exposed", and loved it.

5. A PSA tournament CD
There's nothing like watching your favourite players playing. Rewinding to figure out how they hit that shot? Of course you are. And who films these things? Jean Del
ierre that's who.
Check out the growing list of matches at

6. A "S.C.R.U. Squash" t-shirt

Truly, the finest squash t-shirts in the galaxy. How many times do we have to tell you?
From the famous "SCRU Squash, Let's Drink" (worn here by Nicol David) to the new Melanie Jans Signature Line, you can't lose.

100% Canadian. They don't brag, they mostly boast.
Super Charged Racquets and Upparel. Check em out.

And what about a couple that money can't buy?

A drop shot -

Santa, please put a drop shot in my stocking this year. Puh-leeze.

A companion event at this year's Canadian Nationals -
So that I can go and play in the same tournament as Jonathon and Mel and the best from around Canada!

Squash in the Olympics -
Duh, because we deserve it.

Free referee clinics!
For my friends who don't really know the rules so much.

More songs about squash!