Friday, February 12, 2010

A Squash Inunnguaq

The Olympics are officially upon us and the patriotism bug has finally bitten me. The other day my wife put up a bunch of Canada flags at the front of our house and something changed in me. I'm wearing my team Canada jersey as I type this and I'm really looking forward to watching the opening ceremonies with my wife tonight. For those who know me, and who know my views on the corporate circus (and it's legacy of debt) that's taken over our city this change is pretty big. While I won't be getting a maple leaf tattoo, I don't feel like a hypocrite for realizing that this is a once in a lifetime event for our city and so, seeing as how we're paying for it, I'm joining the party. I just can't help wondering if I would have gotten into the spirit of things earlier had squash made it into the Olympics and Jonathon Power had been asked to carry the flame. Probably:)


(With apologies to Gonzalo Alatorre and Rivera Design Group, designers of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics logo.)


MrForbz said...

I want this on a shirt!!!!! The logo, not the post...
And I hear ya... There is something in the air and it's contagious... The once self absorbed individuals of this great city are coming out and for the first time, I feel like everyone in Vancouver is united :) and proud.
I can't help but smile when I walk the streets and say hello to random people (even though I did that before anyway) The German haus was a great way to set the wheels of events into motion :)
Here I come Atlantic Canada House and Holland house, and Irish House, and free concerts, and non free concerts, and beer and fun and stuffs... k, gotta go do something ! :D

Anonymous said...

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