Sunday, December 27, 2009

Squash photo of the year?

It's almost the end of the "naughts" so here's my vote for photo of the year:

Ramy Ashour, in white, and Nick Matthew, in black, look like they're battling underwater in the final of the Saudi International Squash Tournament! It's no surprise that it's a photo taken by Steve Cubbins of SquashSite. Check out his gallery from just this one event to see what I'm talking about.

Maybe the real reason I love this photo is that it reminds me that I'll soon be able to play underwater myself thanks to Wii's new game "Racquet Sports"!

(You may have read about this on SquashZag but check out the official game site too.)

Send me a link to your choice for "Photo of the Year" and I'll post them.