Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sole Redemption

My mother taught me a lot of things that have come in handy in my life but I honestly never thought she could help my squash game. I remember when I first started playing and she would come to cheer me on. She would clap and scream and, at Denman, she would bang on the glass with the best of them. Eventually she learned the right times to cheer:) I digress. . .

My mother taught me how to sew. This skill helped me to squeeze another couple of weeks out of a pair of shoes that really should've lasted longer than they did. Shouldn't squash shoes have reinforced seams and rubber toes for those of us who like to drag our toes? (I count myself and Nicole David in this elite group:)

Standard wisdom says that you should change your sports shoes every six months if you're an active person. Six months! I'd be happy if my shoes lasted that long. (Jeff at the Pro Shop loves the planned obsolescence of squash shoes, don't ya Jeff?)

Well, this year I'm starting the season with a new pair of the red Stabil's and I plan on nursing them through the whole year even if I have to sew the soles back on. See you in six months Jeff.

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Anonymous said...

You don't have to know how to sew. Just use Shoe Goo or something similar.