Saturday, August 16, 2008

More squash toys (& tees) you can't live without!

I've heard that players out there are having some difficulty finding the Karakal "Hot Ball" we mentioned previously in our blog. Karakal France says it doesn't make it anymore and I'm not selling mine, sorry. Well chin up you lazy thing, there's a new toy in town that promises all the benefits that Hot Ball offered.

"Jet Bounce" also promises that you no longer need to hit like a brute to warm up the ball!

Check this puppy out (and peace to Squash 360 for the tip):

Jet Bounce's "Ball Heater" promises (and I quote):
1 - more effective game time!
2 - less danger of violation!
3 - optimal ball storage!
4 - use at any time!
5 - reusable!

What more do you need? Want it to fix your backhand too? That'll cost you more than the ten Euros they're asking for this court panacea. Buy yours now. Tell them we sent you:)

Are your balls nice and toasty yet?* Are they attracting flies? Not to worry! We've got the squash freak's solution for that one too: A bug zapper shaped like a squash racquet! For real! Man, I can't make this stuff up! (I love that a national squash champion told us about this gem. Thanks Mel!)

This from the website: "The Shock Bug Zappa is shaped like an ordinary squash racket. But with two slight modifications: it has a slightly larger head and a fine mesh surface. The mesh surface gives an electric shock when it comes in contact with a bug. The head gives you a larger contact area to ensure accuracy. Bug hits racket face. Bug perishes." Sweet!

Get your Shock Bug Zappa here. Practice your backhand with this puppy!

* Did someone say "Warm Up Your Balls"?

Jeez, I wish there was a shirt that said that.
What? There is? Oh, thank the gods! And it's only $25 Canadian?

Tell me where I can buy it already!

Super Charged Racquets & Upparel.

Yep, S.C.R.U. Squash. The best squash centric
t-shirts in the galaxy y'all. They don't brag
they mostly boast. For realz.

Next up: Squash Fashions through the years. (No, not the thong photos again. Jeez. That's so tired.)

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