Monday, October 10, 2011

More flattery! (OR did they just steal our logo?)

You have to love the new Google search option which allows you to search using an image rather than a line of descriptive code. How else would we find out that Mongolian Squash is using our logo or that the University of Alberta borrowed our logo for their latest tournament?

Here's some recent discoveries of squash clubs and associations "borrowing" our copyrighted logo.

1) Squash Fundacion C.R. Cantabria and Rioja Squash.

2) Mongolian Squash! On Facebook and their Mongolian Squash Flickr Page!

3) Squash Club Trebic liked our 3D version of our logo SO MUCH they used it on their Facebook page!

4) Aran & Bidgol PSA also took a liking to our 3D logo - anyone read Arabic?

5) Seems that the good folks at Devon & Exeter Squash were sold a logo by their web designer that looked a little similar too. I spoke to these guys and they promised to stop using it. Thanks Adam!

All these examples seem so far from Vancouver, Canada, that you can almost convince yourself that that kind of blatant plagiarism would never happen here. Right? Wrong. While on a squash trip to Phoenix Arizona I stumbled across someone from the University of Alberta wearing this shirt:

My last example is my personal favourite: A trophy from the LA Sports Club.


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