Thursday, October 22, 2009

One of these things is just like the other.

There's a fellow named Jose who is creating a wonderful library of squash ephemera on Facebook. He's creating photo albums in a myriad of categories including poster designs, logo designs, famous players and their racquets, squash illustrations as well as photos culled from other squash sites. While he could do a better job of crediting his sources, 16oo fans like what he's doing. His group is called "SQUASH , IN THE WORD" - find him on Facebook.

One thing he's done is to help to make the global squash community a little smaller and a LOT more aware of who's doing what from a promotional and graphic design point of view.

Take this trio of images: Three great minds with the same idea? I highly doubt it. I was unable to track down the origin of the first (Eastern Europe? Anyone help with the translation?) but the second is clearly from Athens while the third is from Argentina.

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