Sunday, September 21, 2008

From the Archives

A fan of our blog sent us an issue of Squash Magazine from 1982 that is absolutely priceless. (Thanks Neill!) It's a genuine slice of our sport and one that, once you stop giggling, makes you realize how much our sport has grown up. Or has it? Check out this cover:

Doesn't she look great? I bet she feels fantastic too. I do wonder if she should be playing squash in leg warmers though.

Don't worry. The editors of this magazine got smacked (and rightly so:) for this cover which was obviously an attempt to get more subscriptions. I quote: "Are you having an identity crisis as whether to make your magazine a sports journal or another Playboy?"

If you think this cover is great wait until we show you the fabulous court fashions that "Hawk" squash racquets were promoting in 1982!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Squash Hotties? Indeed.

I just happened across this photo of Vanessa Atkinson on the website for the Los Angeles Athletic Club and had to post it! I love the idea that she might be walking down the hall, past the "museum quality art collection", and just start playing squash against the wood panelling.

That she looks absolutely stunning and quite capable of kicking your arse (on or off court) is a bonus.

Makes me thankful that our game has come so far since the days of the "thong incident", no? (Speaking of which . . . Good luck to Miss Botwright on her retirement:)

Here's another image that I love:

This composite photo was taken by AKA Photography in Toronto for the 2006 Women's World Team Squash Championships in Edmonton. From left to right: Alana Miller, Melanie Jans, Carolyn Russell and Runa Reta.

Is it any wonder that I love this game?