Sunday, September 21, 2008

From the Archives

A fan of our blog sent us an issue of Squash Magazine from 1982 that is absolutely priceless. (Thanks Neill!) It's a genuine slice of our sport and one that, once you stop giggling, makes you realize how much our sport has grown up. Or has it? Check out this cover:

Doesn't she look great? I bet she feels fantastic too. I do wonder if she should be playing squash in leg warmers though.

Don't worry. The editors of this magazine got smacked (and rightly so:) for this cover which was obviously an attempt to get more subscriptions. I quote: "Are you having an identity crisis as whether to make your magazine a sports journal or another Playboy?"

If you think this cover is great wait until we show you the fabulous court fashions that "Hawk" squash racquets were promoting in 1982!

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LJ said...

It's EM from your b-day!