Sunday, December 19, 2010

A squash player's Christmas wish list

I realize that I'm putting this out a little late but it's a well known fact that squash players are procrastinators: Ask any pro and they'll tell you that everyone signs up for a tournament just before the deadline:) There are still a few shopping days left.

1. Because we like to read when we're not on court: A copy of "Run to the Roar" by the winningest coach in college sports history, Paul Assaiante and James Zug.

Just one of the many great quotes: "Today is the present. They call it the present because it is a gift."

2. One for the boys: The new WISPA calendar:) 'Nuff said. PURCHASE HERE.

3. More reading! How about a subscription to Squash Magazine?

4. Lessons. And more lessons! Your local squash pro can do wonders for your game and it's about time you realized that your practice-to-games ratio needs to be flipped on it's head if you're ever going to win an "A" tournament. (Okay Pacey?)

5. Some new gear. Style is sometimes more important than substance and your team could probably use some help:) Check out Squash Republic: Their growing catalogue of shirt designs is quickly earning them a reputation as the #1 online clothing store for squash players.

Pictured here wearing the "Drop Shots Not Bombs" design (L-R): Christian Coufal, Birgit Coufal (Austria’s # 1, WISPA ranking 70) and Gerald “Hasi” (which means bunny) Hasslacher (Austrias no 125).

6. For the gamer: Check out the new version of "Racquet Sports" from Ubisoft.

Dood, you can play underwater and you don't have to ask for lets! Nice.

7. Club photo! At our squash club, the Vancouver Racquets Club, we're lucky enough to have a great crew of players playing singles and doubles and a great photographer to help us document it all:)

Photo © 2010 Chad Forbes.

8. A new MANTA racquet!
Available at S.C.R.U. Squash

9. A subscription to SQUASH TV


Unknown said...

Such a nice christmas wishlist. Sending my warm christmas greetings to you and i hope that you get all the things you wished for. Merry Christmas!

daren sammy said...

Howdy dudes! Wonderful stuff protects it up. Trusox